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Como nación, tenemos un compromiso inquebrantable de promover la seguridad y fomentar un futuro más brillante y optimista. Podemos realizar plenamente este esfuerzo dentro de los límites de nuestra gran nación, los Estados Unidos de América. Como comunidad unificada, debemos colaborar para garantizar que nuestro país siga siendo una tierra de oportunidades y libertad para todos los individuos, independientemente de sus orígenes. Ya sea que uno haya nacido en nuestro suelo o viaje desde lejos, debemos saludar y sostener a quienes contribuyen al tejido de nuestra sociedad mientras nos esforzamos por alcanzar nuestras metas y aspiraciones compartidas.

The End Result

Think of The End Result as your own personal, portable life coach. In it, author Marc Boyajian offers the tips, strategies and principles needed for success in everything from romance to business to education (while detailing the perilous pitfalls everyone should avoid along the way). Packed with real-life examples, The End Result shows readers: * Which qualities each partner absolutely must bring to any serious relationship * The two major reasons friendships hit the rocks—and how to save them * The 10 things potential parents must know before having kids * 26 rules guaranteed to make you a star with your boss * Surprising secrets behind every financially successful retirement * Much, much more! Engagingly written and easy to understand, this comprehensive guidebook details step by step how you can apply these simple tenants in order to achieve your goals—ensuring the best possible quality of life as The End Result.

The Immigrant

It is a powerful and deeply moving memoir by Marc Boyajian that chronicles his extraordinary journey as an immigrant to the United States. With heartfelt storytelling, Marc shares the challenges and triumphs he encountered, from fleeing civil war to starting anew in a foreign country. This candid narrative is an inspiring testament to resilience, love, and the unyielding human spirit. In "The Immigrant," Marc offers valuable life lessons, touching on the importance of family, education, and embracing hope in the face of adversity. The book is captivating and resonates with anyone seeking inspiration and guidance on overcoming challenges and embracing new beginnings.


Finally, a Comprehensive Plan for Getting America Back on Track With proposals for fixing everything from health care to U.S. foreign policy, The Next Falling Empire is required reading for anyone who still believes the American way of life is worth preserving. Packed with policy prescriptions to fix broken bureaucracies and damaged institutions, this far-reaching road map shows: * How centralization can eliminate health care fraud to the tune of billions of dollars saved. * Why mandatory national service for college students will build a stronger country-and better students. * The reason leaflets could do more than bombs to bring peace to Iraq. * The way to rein in outsourcing to China. * Why eliminating the IRS-and dozens of other government agencies-makes sense and saves money. In the end, the next falling empire doesn't have to be our own.